Sacrament of Confirmation 2020

The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated towards the end of Term 2 of the school year.  Young people in Year 6 or above, and who have received First Communion can participate.  If your child has not made their First Communion, please contact the Sacramental Coordinator at the Parish Office asap.

There are three group lessons which every child attends with a parent/guardian.  These groups help strengthen the connection of the candidates to the wider church.  Preparation includes weekly Mass attendance and a Retreat Day, which includes Confirmation Mass practise. There is also a Creed Mass in May where candidates are presented with the Profession of Faith.  All elements of the program are compulsory.

Stage 1 of the enrolment is done online through a link on the home page of the Parish website.  Enrolments open on 1st March and close on 15th March. 

Stage 2 of the enrolment (deadline 25 March) is completed by:

  • Making the financial contribution OR emailing the Parish Office to request an exemption.
  • Providing a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate OR ensuring your child’s Baptismal certificate is on file from a previous sacrament. NOTE: If your child was not baptised in one of the four Parishes of Sydney Harbour North or we don’t have a copy of their Baptismal certificate on file, we will need a copy of the baptismal certificate.

The program offered is parish-based and family centred with the following elements:

1. FAMILY EVENING: Wednesday 25th March, 6.30pm at Sacred Heart CHURCH Mosman, Cardinal St, Mosman. Please note that children AND a parent are to attend. The Family evening will provide information to children and parents about the program as children and parents will go on this faith journey together which is why it is expected that both candidates and one parent attend. A photo of the children as a group will be taken on the night for our parish photoboard so it is essential that children are present on the night.

2. COMMITMENT MASS: All 8 Sunday Masses on the weekend of 28/29 March (including the Vigil Masses). The candidates and their parents are welcomed by the whole community, invited to show their commitment to the preparation program and are given a blessing.

3. THREE LARGE GROUP SESSIONS: as there are only 3 sessions children will also work through the Activity book at home with their parents to reaffirm the lesson content.

Lesson 1: Tues 28th April Parish Hall choose either 5pm OR 6.30pm (Catch-up on 6th May 3.45pm).

Lesson 2: Wed 6th May Parish Hall choose either 5pm OR 6.30pm (Catch-up on 12th May 3.45pm).

Lesson 3: Tues 12th May Parish Hall choose either 5pm OR 6.30pm (Catch-up on 13th May 3.45pm).

4. RETREAT DAY: including Mass practice: Tuesday 26th May, 8:45am–2.45pm at Sacred Heart Parish / Primary School: Candidates come together to prepare for the sacrament at Sacred Heart. Parents are responsible for ensuring appropriate medications, epipens and medical action plans are sent with their child on the day and handed in to the Sacramental Co-ordinator.

5. CREED MASS: Weekend of 30/31 May: Candidates will be presented with the Creed and asked to profess their faith at any of the 8 Sunday or Saturday Vigil Masses.

6. RITE OF RECONCILIATION: Tuesday 2nd June, 5pm and 7pm at Blessed Sacrament Church: This is an opportunity for candidates and their families to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation just prior to celebrating Confirmation.  The Second Rite will be used.


Tuesday 9th June        6.30pm Sacred Heart Church Mosman                             OR

Thursday 11th June    6.30pm Blessed Sacrament Church Clifton Gardens       OR

Friday 12th June         6.30pm Blessed Sacrament Church Clifton Gardens

Please contact Thomas Dabbah, Sacramental Co-ordinator on or on 89693202 should you have any questions.


The final Saint name and sponsor name is DUE by Lesson 2 (6th May). A Google form will be emailed to parents to submit the information. These names cannot be changed after 6th May.

SAINT NAME: Candidates will be asked to choose a Saint name for Confirmation. The saint they choose must be someone whom they admire for the way they lived their life. It may be one of their baptismal names. Candidates should be mindful to pick only one name. Candidates will write a 1-2 page report on the life of their chosen saint and what qualities they admire about them. This task needs to be submitted at Lesson 2 on May 6th. It can be typed or hand-written. These questions can guide the writing of the report:

  • What is the name of the saint you have chosen?
  • Write a short biography.
  • Why did you choose this saint? What did they do? What qualities did they have?
  • What did you find inspiring about their faith journey? How were they a witness to Jesus?
  • How did they react when things went wrong?

Candidates must choose famous saints that they can locate sufficient research information about in order to complete the resarch task.  Your final saint name is due (via Google Form) by May 6th and your research task is due (hardcopy) at Lesson 2 May 6th.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Candidates will be asked to complete one hour of Community Service as a sign of Christian witness. This service needs to be organised and supervised by parents. Ideas include:

  • Mowing your neighbour’s lawn.
  • Doing extra housework.
  • Spending extra time with elderly grandparents or neighbours.
  • Volunteering with vinnies.
  • Helping at Mass.
  • Any other act of Christian service.

Candidates must fill out the community service log and have it signed by their parents and/or supervisor. This must be submitted at (Lesson 2 May 6th).

SPONSOR: Candidates must select a sponsor for Confirmation who is a practising Catholic, over 16 years old who has made all their sacraments. The final sponsor’s name must be provided by May 6th.

Sponsor’s Letter: Many years ago the Sponsor and Candidate shared a strong bond of faith as the newcomer sought to grow in Christian life and the sponsor walked the path of growth as a fellow pilgrim on the faith journey. In order to help develop some sense of faith sharing in this process, we would like to invite you to take the time to give the child you are sponsoring the gift of your personal perspective by writing a brief letter. The sponsor’s letter is optional and should you choose to write a letter we suggest it is given to the candidate after the Confirmation Mass. Some points to think about in this letter include:

  • Fond memories of this child growing up.
  • Special qualities you see in him/her.
  • People who have influenced your life.
  • What it means to be a good Christian.
  • Ways that being a Christian has helped you.
  • Memories of your own preparation for Confirmation.
  • What helps you to keep believing in God.
  • A promise to pray for this child.
  • Some of your hopes and dreams for him/her.

We hope that you like this idea and even if you find it challenging, you will realise that this can be very special for the child who has chosen you as their sponsor.

During the ceremony: Sponsors, when you move forward to the Bishop/Presider with your candidate please stand slighly behind and to the left of your candidate and place your right hand on his/her right shoulder from the moment the child kneels before the Bishop/Presider, until the Bishop/Presider has completed his prayer over the child.