COVID-19 parish update

Dear Parishioners (14.05.2020) If you would like to attend a Mass or visit the church for private prayer please contact Theresa at the parish office to register your interest by phoning 89693200 or email We strongly discourage those who are elderly, vulnerable or in ill-health to refrain from attending the church. An Act of […]

Sacraments update from 1.06.2020

· Baptisms are now allowed to take place with a maximum of 10 people present. · Some weddings are also still going ahead provided the number of people is capped at 20 (excluding the priest) · Funerals are still taking place, again with a maximum of 50 people present indoors (excluding priest and funeral director) · Confessions will be[…..]

Please stay in contact

In this time of the coronavirus, The Parish wants to be able to contact you in order to update you on new regulations, livestreaming Mass times, and ways the Parish can support you during this difficult time. The Parish may also wish to update you on how you can support it financially, particularly if collections[…..]